August 25, 2010

Short and... Disturbing **

The other day I was running errands on my lunch break and driving around downtown. On my way back to work I was stopped at a light. I was the first car in line so I was right up front when I noticed a jogger crossing in the cross-walk. Mostly I only noticed her because she was dressed so oddly for August outdoor activities. She had a hat and sunglasses, normal, but she had on some kind of dark brown velvety looking dress/shirt. It looked like an extra large shirt that you would wear to sleep in or something. I thought this was rather odd and extremely hot and as I was pondering this while glancing at the jogger I noticed that the back of the large shirt would flop up and down rhythmically with her jogging. What I did not expect was the fact that this jogger was out jogging without any underwear on. YIKES! With each step her shirt was flopping up and exposing her rear end to the world for a brief second. Maybe I don’t do enough outdoor exercising, but this seems an odd training outfit. I do wonder if going without underwear would ventilate the heat absorbed from wearing a dark colored, velvet material - so maybe the outfit makes complete sense, hmmm?

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