September 29, 2012

dirty amble

I recently completed my second mud run of the year. Here are some things I learned: 

1) College students don’t need a crazy race to dress up in costumes, but it doesn’t hurt

2) If you are thinking the emphasis is on the “racing” in a mud race then you are mistaken

3) If you are thinking the emphasis is on the “obstacles” in a mud race then you are slightly mistaken

4) If you are thinking the emphasis is on spending a day in the hills wallowing in filth and watching/laughing at other people falling all over the place just prior to or after you fall all over the place then you are pretty right on the button

5) Pigs don’t like mud nearly as much as humans

6) After running 6 miles through swamp and muck, root systems and hay bales, getting bruised and scratched and tired – paying a few dollars to rinse off with warm water instead of using a hose attached to freshly melted snow, or possibly liquid nitrogen, is totally worth it.
7) Most importantly - sleeping feels so great once you are clean and well fed once again.

September 27, 2012

The body part debate

I am recovering from a cold and my nose is getting more and more sore from blowing it. The other night I came home to find a note from my nose which had been placed on my pillow.

             “I am pleading with you to stop blowing so often. I am all scratched up and tired and the mere sight of white Kleenex makes me want to punch someone. There has to be a different body part that you are mad at and want to put through such an ordeal so that I can get a rest.
                                                                                      Sincerely, Your Nose”

I pondered this note for a while and realized that really my sinuses should get more of the blame for the lingering illness. So I wrote a note to them to see about getting some relief, but without a response as of yet, not even an acknowledgment of having gotten the note, even though I’m POSITIVE they got it.

I don’t care how flatulent someone might be, I say the sinuses are the rudest part of the body.